Creating a Circular Economy for Rare Earth Elements

We are supporting the energy transition through environmentally responsible recycling of rare earth elements (REEs) from magnets powering the modern world.

We provide our customers with solutions for recycling
of magnet-containing products made from critical minerals, enabling the creation of a domestic supply chain for REEs through an economic and sustainable magnet recycling process.

Our Impact

Fewer CO₂ Emissions
Recycled rare earth elements require as little as 36% of the CO₂ emissions to produce compared to newly mined material
Less Mining
Diverting material back into the supply chain reduces the need to open new greenfield mines
Increased Local Supply
Using new technology to recover rare earths from end-of-life magnets enables the formation of a local supply chain

Rare earth elements are critical to the modern world

As demand grows for wind turbines, electric vehicles, and other electronics, new sources of rare earth elements to support the world’s transition to an electrified society are needed. While new mines are necessary to meet projected demand, having access to recycled material will significantly reduce the need to open new mines.

Wind Turbines

Generators in wind turbines often contain rare earth magnets for improved durability

MRI Machines

Rare earth magnets are used to power these important medical imaging devices

Electric Vehicles

Powerful traction motors contain rare earth magnets and are used in electric vehicles to increase vehicle range and efficiency

Electronic Waste

Hard drives, speakers and other consumer electronics use rare earths to miniaturize components and maximize performance

Creating a regional supply chain

Rare earth elements are currently not recycled at a commercial scale and end up in landfills. Cyclic Materials is creating a circular supply chain of rare earth elements by taking these landfill-bound products and recovering their critical metals through its innovative magnet recycling process.
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An innovative process

Given the important role rare earth elements play in modern society, recovering these critical metals provides an opportunity to reduce waste and provide a more environmentally sustainable source to domestic industry.
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Engineering a new approach

Our team consists of highly motivated individuals with diverse skill sets. Combining the technical knowledge of our engineers with the business acumen of our directors was key to forming a team capable of changing the life cycle of rare earth elements.
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Our investors help drive the success of our vision.
Energy Impact Partners
BMW i Ventures
Fifth Wall
Bioindustrial Innovation Canada
Planetary Technologies
Sustainable Development Technology Canada

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